Luxology MODO v401.36460 SP5

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Fixed: The correct Help file content now appears for the Poly Sweep tool.

Fixed: Crash could occur when promoting a Shader Tree Group up one level by a drag-n-drop operation.

Fixed: Moving a surface generator out of its material group could cause a crash.

Fixed: Typo in word "workplane" in Input Editor for command Show Workplane.

Fixed: Referencing scenes which contained replicators could make modo very unstable.

Improved: DOF quality is improved in areas that should be just a tiny bit blurred.

Fixed: When setting mesh paint source to a specific item, each stroke was causing the item to cycle to another item.

Fixed: Bringing in multiple different backdrop items at one time from any angle (perspective, front, etc) was resulting in multiples of the same backdrop item.

Fixed: Undoing a Falloff operation could cause a crash in certain cases.

Improved: Vertex normal map values were being lost on export to .OBJ format.

Fixed: Renderer operation on more than 16 threads.

Improved: Layering images with different UV wrapping can soften the image when rendering.

Fixed: Control clicking in gray area of the preset browser would crash modo.

Fixed: Stencil maps at 100% value on static meshes would cause fur to disappear.

Fixed: Path-mode aliasing bug was causing certain scenes to not find images on loading.

Fixed: The output for ambient occlusion was incorrect when rendering with volumetrics.

Fixed: Parametric Ink was creating a heavily pixelated (mosaic) type effect.

Fixed: Memory was leaking from the evaluation of surface generator.

Fixed: Attempting to edit a curve on a transformed item layer would cause the curve to jump to its untransformed position.

Improved: Issue with selection using middle mouse button (MMB) compared to RMB.

Improved: Path constraint performs more smoothly on very long curves.

Improved: Morph maps would sometimes not trigger an update in the animation viewport.

Improved: modo was sometimes not remembering file load paths (Mac).

Fixed: The XYZ axis legend would sometimes spin out of view, such that only one or two axes were visible.

Fixed: After loading a scene, modo would sometimes crash when a 2nd HDRE assembly was applied.

Improved: The FBX saver will now export static meshes.

Fixed: Animating the pivot was causing the object to jump around.

Fixed: A CTRL-N sequence on a new scene was infrequently triggering a crash.

Improved: modo now supports both binary and ASCII FBX files with a preference option.

Improved: Physical Sun now observes the scene up-axis setting.

Fixed: Center and pivot selection from scripts is now fixed.

Fixed: Potential crash when creating tabbed viewports.

Fixed: Potential crash when loading a corrupted file.

Fixed: Issue with hit testing during vector displacement sculpting.

Fixed: Transparency in COLLADA.

Fixed: Loading meshes via skin controllers in COLLADA.

Improved: The Software Developers Kit (SDK) will now build with TinyXML.

Fixed: Minor Windows 7 bug.

Fixed: Minor bug with COLLADA incremental naming where the string "Material" was being pre-pended unnecessarily.

Fixed: Bug with F1 help system for an incorrect jump to the poly.sweep tool information.

Improved: SP4 allows deformed meshes to be frozen without subdivision.

Fixed: Custom vertex normals in COLLADA.

Fixed: Key repeat on select.expand and select.contract.

Fixed: Potential problem when loading FBX with animation and saving the file. Animation is now available on a reload operation without having to exit modo first.

Fixed: Solar disc intensity with non-unity white point.

Fixed: Potential infinite recursion in file scanning, perhaps fixing number a random crash on Mac OS X.

Fixed: Race condition in thread shutdown, most likely fixing a random hanging condition on Windows. 

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