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modo 501 SP4 Details

The following list is a review of changes and corrections included in modo 501 Service Pack 4.

Fixed: Bug causing render errors on certain shader tree setups with multiple shader and bump layers.

Fixed: A crash bug with an irregular mesh on edge bevel.

Fixed: Random crash when scanning directories.

Fixed: Unable to add paths or files with Japanese names to the preset browser.

Fixed: GL updates on nVidia cards on OSX Lion. (Mac only)

Fixed: Layer mask wasn't working when applied as the child of a layer.

Fixed: Potential crash when a partial freeze of an Adobe Illustrator object is undone.

Fixed: Potential crash caused by adding a new modifier in the Input Editor.

Fixed: Potential crash when adding hair guides.

Fixed: Potential crash when using tools during preview rendering.

Fixed: Problem with autosave not overwriting correctly.

Fixed: Shader tree group masking issues when moving items in and out of item masks.

Fixed: Potential fix for random crash when the brush chooser is selected from a pop-up group.

Improved: Included the Rhino/3DM plug-in.