Seneca Update (12-18-10)

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Забираем обновленные скрипты сенеки


Sorry for not updating for quite a while now, but my job takes up pretty much all my time.... I have been maintaining all my scripts and creating new ones as well, but it'll still be quite a while before I ever get a chance to get the site back up to date with all the new images, documentation, videos, links and whatnot, so here's a zip file that contains the current versions of the scripts and guis. At the bare minimum, you'll at least get versions of the scripts that work with 501, but if you dig around you might be able to figure out how to use a number of the various new features in them.

Talk to you f

Короче , если скачаете этот пак скриптов  то получите как минимум последнии версии абсолютно всех скриптов которые будут работать с 501 . Покопавшись в них , также , можно будет найти новые фичи и описание как ими воспользоватся