В последнем модокасте обещали скоро SP1.

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modo 501 SP1 Details

Improved: SDK documentation.

Fixed: Bug with bump mapping.

Improved: Optimize sculpt speed when using interpolated strokes.

Improved: Restored MMB functionality for setting sculpt offset.

Fixed: Restore Solid Sketch tool default preset ('SS Default') to work exactly like 401.

Fixed: Error that causes embedded viewports to always show up in ""more"" popovers, even if they're already visible in the main form.

Fixed: Bug causing mesh tearing when stroke interpolation and nozzle jittering are used at the same time on PSUBs.

Fixed: Major slowdown for procedrual brushes on PSUBs.

Fixed: Bug related to UIImageChoices and tool presets.

Fixed: Quit, Preferences & About menu functionality in OS X.

Fixed: Bug in Slice tool with bezier curve.

Fixed: Correctly sets preset browser paths for sculpt and paint tool presets.

Fixed: Make image brush aware of mesh item transforms.

Improved: Disabled "Tabbed Viewport" option when RMB'ing on a tab.

Improved: Updated Solidworks plugin files.

Fixed: User can double-click on RPC in preset browser, instead of getting "preset.do error".

Fixed: Tool highlighting in the paint layout.

Improved: Optimize hair styling with guides.

Fixed: Update for motion vector outputs to work with vertex motion vectors, which including deformers and MDD animation.

Fixed: A general texture baking bug when the user overwrites the same image with a different resolution.

Fixed: Potential crash aborting Bake To File.

Fixed: Tied emodo textures help to actual specific help pages rather than generic shader tree help.

Fixed: Channel UI enable state for fur 'taper' when billboards are enabled.

Fixed: Change to make GL drawing of brush update on procedural brush changes.

Fixed: Vertex deselection before it is destroyed.

Fixed: Dock menu Quit.

Fixed: Motion blur on MDD instances.

Improved: Remove 'Sketch Extrude' entry from 'Duplicate' tab of modo tools toolbar.

Improved: Changed toggleBGShading function in lux_viewport_displayToggles.pl to toggle between wireframe and active.

Fixed: Shading bug with multi-layered shaders and bumps.

Fixed: Playback bug.

Fixed: Main window title to track scene name on save.

Fixed: Drawing polygon with tool in UV space on material mode.

Fixed: Problem with rayGL and advGL hader when toggling rayGL.

Fixed: Horizontal wrap broken.

Fixed: Potential crash in PBView.

Fixed: Inability to resize certain viewport configurations due to another change that fixed triggering menus on headers.

Fixed: Issue with item effector on workplane.

Fixed: Navigation of targeted cameras\lights.

Fixed: Enhance Procedurals: Display: Counter 1&2, UV LEDs: Repeat is deleting a digit.

Fixed: Bug of world axis snapping for mirror generator.

Fixed: UI lock-out when clicking in the main window tries to bring focus back to the modal window.

Fixed: Vertical wrapping for cylindrical & spherical.

Fixed: Potential crash with key hole PSUB polygon.

Fixed: Bug causing multiple image map creation on every paint stroke.

Improved: Optimizations to item list and tree panes for scenes with a lot of items.

Fixed: Updates of preview surfaces with identity transforms.

Fixed: General bump evaluation on replicated surfaces.

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если пропала вкладка Render поставьте новый MODO501.CFG 


Что значит:

Restored MMB functionality for setting sculpt offset.

Fixed: Main window title to track scene name on save.

Fixed: Horizontal wrap broken.

Fixed: General bump evaluation on replicated surfaces.

Вообще я понял ровно половину, если кто что объяснит - будет здорово.


Restored MMB functionality for setting sculpt offset.

Восстановлена функциональность средней кнопки мыши для установли sculpt offset

Fixed: Main window title to track scene name on save.

Исправлено: заголовок нглавного окна для отслеживания названия сцены при сохранении.

Fixed: Horizontal wrap broken.

Исправлено: сломан горизонтальный wrap (UV)

Fixed: General bump evaluation on replicated surfaces.

Здесь не очень понимаю. Речь идет о бампе на реплицированных объектах. Видимо, был какой-то глюк с исчезновением.


Если честно, ставлю SP и не парюсь, исправили ошибки - хорошо, идем дальше...