After Effects IO Kit for MODO

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MODO Features

• MODO 801 required.

• Export of Camera position, rotation and focal length animation data.

• Export of position, rotation, radiance and color data for Spot, Point & Directional

lights. Spotlights also support export of both cone angle & feather data.

• Export of position and rotation data for locators. Locators are created as Null

Object layers inside After Effects with their anchor point set to their center.

• Export of position, rotation and size data for mesh layers as "image planes" (solid

layers) in After Effects. Mesh layers may only contain a single polygon to export

correctly, multi-polygon meshes are not supported – see below for details.

• Import of camera, light, null object and solid data from After Effects. Null objects

are imported as MODO locators, solid layers are imported as mesh layers

containing a single polygon with the dimensions of the solid

• Import of camera tracking data from both the built in After Effects camera tracker

and The Foundry's "Camera Tracker for AE" plugin.

After Effects Features

• After Affects CS5.0 or greater required.

• Import into either an existing or a new composition.

• Import all or a selection of items from the incoming data file.

• Import/Export of Camera position, rotation and zoom data.

• Import/export of position, rotation, brightness and color information for lights.

Spotlights will additionally import/export cone angle and feather data.

• Import/Export of position and rotation data for Null Object layers.

• Import/Export of position, rotation and size data for solid layers.

Описание установки

Installation MODO: Save the lpk file to your hard drive. Double click to open it in MODO – if MODO is closed it will open. The IO kit is automatically installed to the “Kits” folder in your MODO content. A dialog should pop up saying that the install was successful and that you need to restart MODO. After Effects: Open MODO. From the ‘System’ menu choose ‘Open Content Folder’ to open MODO’s content folder in Explorer/Finder. Navigate to ‘Kits/AfterFXIO/ AFx_Scripts’. In the AFx_Scripts are two script that need to be copied to your After Effects installation folder. ‘Afx MODO IO.jsxbin’ should be copied to your After Effects ‘Scripts’ folder. ‘json2.jsx’ should be copied to your After Effects ‘Scripts/Startup’ folder. If After Effects was already open you’ll need to restart it for the scripts to be recognized.


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