ETEREA Falloffs Pie 1.4

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Pie Menu для прямого доступа к 4 типам спадов (linear, smooth, ease-in и ease-out).

Описание установки

<p>1. expand the ZIP file and translate the “eterea_falloffs” folder to your Modo Scripts folder.</p> <p>2. Open Modo.</p> <p>3. Go to Menu System &gt; Form Editor, open the “Forms” and search for “ETEREA Falloffs Pie” Form.</p> <p>4. Right Mouse Button over it and choose “Assign to Key…”</p> <p>5. Choose your preferred shortcut. I have chosen ALT+TAB</p> <p>6. Close the Form Editor.</p> <p>7. Create a cylinder, call that shortcut and select your desired falloff.</p> <p>8. Enjoy :-)</p>


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