ETEREA Snapping Bar 2.0

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Большая коллекция пресетов, для расширения функционала стандартных инструментов привязки. Скрипты адаптированы для MODO 801.


Описание установки

<p>— Move the kit to your Scripts Folder<br /> — Open Modo, create an empty Palette<br /> — Convert palette content to Form View (going to the top-right corner hidden menu)<br /> — Viewport Settings &gt; “ETEREA Snapping Bar 2” (works in MODO 801, only)<br /> — Viewport Controls &gt; Min Header<br /> — Move your mouse pointer to the most upper-left corner content on that palette<br /> — You will see a yellow-orange line surrounding your content.<br /> — Then click and drag from here to attaching the content to another place. For example just over the line that draws the bottom in your 3D viewport)<br /> — It's all. Now, you can close your “intermediate” palette.<br /> — I have included Tool Tips for all elements, yet this is pretty self-explanatory, IMHO.<br /> — Enjoy :-)</p>


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